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St. John's Episcopal Church

334 Fifth Avenue

1878 - 1880 & 1978

The third church built in Ouray during the city's early days was St. John's Episcopal Church.There were two earlier churches erected, one in 1877, the other in 1878. Both churches are still standing today, but they have been moved to other Colorado towns. Therefore, St. John's is now the oldest church in Ouray. It was originally intended for the church to have a basement made from local stone crafted by Cornish masons and at least one upper floor. However, that plan was never completed. The present sanctuary is located in what was intended to be the basement. Original carved woodwork and beautiful recently created, stained glass windows contribute to the look and feel of a Victorian Gothic English country church. In 1978, a connecting stone parish hall was built just west of the original church.

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St. John's Episcopal Church
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