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Prevost Building

600 Main Street


Frank Prevost erected the two story brick structure which now houses the Citizens State Bank. In 1899, business in this Queen Anne/Romanesque beauty consisted of the Office Saloon, the Office Cafe and, on the second floor, various professional offices. The same walkway on the south side of the building once led to the entrance of the 1899 Office Cafe. Today, the bank walk up window is located where the Cafe door once was. In 1908, Provost sold the building to Messers. Manion and Beaver who had been operating the Office Saloon. The Citizens State Bank purchased the building in 1918, and moved the bank out of the Beaumont and into this location, where banking business continues today. The tin ceiling is original and recently restored. The teller windows have been there since the bank opened.

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Prevost Building
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