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Jeffers Building

633 Main


Here prior to 1890, there was a one story dry goods store. In 1890, Albert Jeffers and Henry Witterding erected a two story building. Jeffers bought his partner out, he and his wife moved into the second floor space and they continued to run a very successful dry goods business on the first floor. Soon the whole building became a dry goods and millinery shop. As time passed, this beautiful example of Victorian architecture became the Ouray Cafe and then a very popular restaurant, the Jones' Cafe, which advertised, "Eat with the Jones"'. You can still see the ad painted in the brick on the north side of the building. Today the main floor is occupied by the Columbine Mineral Shop and a real estate office. The upper story is a residence once more. If Mr. Jeffers were to pay a visit to Ouray today, he would immediately recognize his building, as the exterior is the same as in 1890 thanks to the 1972 restoration by the present owners.

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Jeffers Building
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