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Hayden Block Building

222 Fifth Avenue


The Hayden Building was built by Murphey & Co - at the request of Carl Sigfrid and Lyman Henry. Sigfrid and Henry chose this two story design keeping in mind the first floor was to be their law offices and the second floor was to be income producing. It is thought the building was named after the mountain which it faces to the south. Renters on the second floor in the early years were the Camp Bird Extension Co. and Dr. L. C. Stadler. Perhaps the most attractive feature of the Hayden Building is the arched keystone lintels of cut stone over the doors and windows. In 1978 the building was sold to its present proprietor after having changed ownership several times since 1959, one year after the 90 year old Carl Sigfrid died.

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Hayden Block Building
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