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"The Last Trial of Alferd Packer"

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Talented community members of the Ouray County Players came together to present "The Last Trial of Alfred Packer"on July 27 and 28, 2018 as a fundraiser for the Ouray County Historical Society. The event was held at the Ouray Elks Lodge. A Mystery Meat barbeque was also offered as an additional purchase.

     The play is based on the historical information recorded about the trial of Alferd Packer for murder and cannibalism after a most unfortunate prospecting expedition in 1874. 

     The play was written by Professor Michael Brooks and Professor Paul Edwards of Western State Colorado in 1989.

Ouray County Players


Directed by Nancy Nixon and Terry Kiser

Alferd Packer - Dan Preston

Polly Pry - Alyssa Preston

Otto Mears - 

Narrator and Judge - Rose Greisz

Bruce Gulde

Brian Exstrom

Jim Pettenngill

John Countryman

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