OCHS Board of Directors

In addition to the Bord of Directors, the Museum also has a full-time director (Maria Jones), photo archivist (Gail Saunders who is also a Board Member), paper archivist (Glenda Moore who is also a board member), and Curator (Don Paulson who is also a Board Member). Their bios are also included below.


Kevin currently serves as President of the Board of Directors. He is a physician who retired in 2002 to Ridgway with his family after serving 30 years in the United States Army. He specialized in Ophthalmology and is a recognized sub-specialist in the field of Glaucoma having conducted extensive research on this ocular disorder.

Dr. Chismire earned his B.S. from the University of Notre Dame (1972), attended the University of Kansas Medical Center, interned in San Antonio, Texas at Brooke Army Medical Center and did his residency in Ophthalmology at Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Chismire served as a Special Forces Battalion Surgeon with the 5th Special Forces Group stationed at Bad Tolz, West Germany; served on the Staff of Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, Washington; and taught at the University of Washington School Of Medicine.

He and his wife, Joan, both grew up in Denver, Colorado and moved to Ridgway, Colorado permanently in February 2002 along with their two sons Neill and Bryce.

Kevin's interests include running, biking, climbing, backpacking and collecting western books and memorabilia, especially items relating to the early exploration and mapping of the American West by the Army Corps of Engineers


Tom currently serves as Vice-President of the Board of Directors. He obtained his BA Degree from Bowling Green University and his JD from the Ohio State University. Subsequently he joined the Procter and Gamble Company of Cincinnati Ohio and retired as an Associate General Counsel after 30 years of service.

Tom grew up on Bellevue, Ohio. He has two sons and four grandchildren. He and his wife Sue currently live between Ouray and Ridgway, Co. He is a member of the Red Mountain Task Force and his interests include history, particularly that of mining, railroading and the postal service. In addition, he enjoys hiking.


Joey Huddleston and his wife Kathy had the desire to retire to this area after their first visit in 1976. They became property owners in Ouray County in 1990 and residents since 2007. Prior to his retirement in 2007 Joey was an account executive for Standard Register for 35 years focusing on providing products and services to large hospital integrated networks, working closely with medical staff and management to create programs tailored to their patient and operational needs. After retiring to Ouray County, Joey became involved as a volunteer and board member of both the Ouray County Historical Society and the Neighbor-to-Neighbor  program that operates the Ouray County Senior Van and hosts luncheons and activities for the seniors of our county. In 2010 Joey became a volunteer for Ouray County EMS as an ambulance driver, and after training and certification, as an emergency Medical Technician in 2011 and where he continues as an active volunteer on Ridgway Ambulance.

MARIA JONES (Director)

GLENDA MOORE (Paper Archivist)

Glenda graduated from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, with a Bachelor of Arts in English. At the University of Mississippi she received a Master of Arts in English, specializing in Victorian literature.

After teaching high school English for several years, she completed a Master of Library Science degree. Glenda's career has involved work as a technical writer in the aerospace industry, teacher, librarian, and computer tech. She completed certification for a Master Gardener and has served as president of garden clubs and flower show judge. She belongs to the Ouray County Woman's Club, Women in Support of Education, and the United Church of the San Juans.


Don currently serves as the Curator of the Museum. He received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL and his Ph.D. in chemistry from Indiana University. He recently retired from California State University, Los Angeles where he was Professor of Chemistry for 36 years. He and his wife Beth have been coming to Ouray on vacations for more than 20 years. They built their house five miles north of Ouray in 1999. Don has a passion for mining and railroad history and in his basement is a 30 x 40 foot model railroad based on the D&RGW and RGS Railroads. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and jeeping in search of yet another mine or railroad right-of-way. He is the Editor of the Ouray County Historical Society Magazine and author of Mines, Miners, and Much More, a history of mining in Ouray, Silvetton and Telluride.


Walt is a graduate of the University of Maine with a degree in Forestry. After serving two years with the U. S. Army, he began his 30 year career with the U. S. Forest Service. He was stationed in the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota and in 1963 moved to Fort Collins, Colorado where he was District Ranger on the Laramie River District of the Roosevelt National Forest. In 1968 Walt was assigned as Ouray District Ranger on the Uncompahgre National Forest. He and his wife Nancy together with their five children, therefore, moved to Montrose and also acquired a house on 4th Street in Ouray which was built in 1880. When Walt retired in 1986, he and Nancy settled in their Ouray Home.

Walt also serves on OTG (board member), ARM (board member) and is a past board member of FSEEE- Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics. Other interests include entomology, photography, genealogy, historic architecture and home restoration, antique and classic cars, and woodworking. He is lso involved in OCHS current interpretive inventory and signing of Ouray's Main Street. SW Colorado and Ouray history including old mining structures, RR history, floods, transitional changes and re-inventory of Ouray's Historic District with Kathleen Norman and others.

Walt was involved with the inception of the Ouray County Historical Society as well as the Board of the Montrose Historical Society and the first efforts to restore the Ouray City Hall to a semblance of its 1901 glory.

He is active in numerous community efforts, in addition to the OCHS Board, including the Ouray Trail Group, Senior Programs, Western Colorado Congress and ROCC, Red Mountain Task Force, Public Land Partnership and the Ouray Curmudgeon Society.


Robert Stoufer is a noted authority on minerals and mining in the San Juan Mountains. He is also the former proprietor of Buckskin Booksellers in Ouray.


In addition to being a Board Member, Gail also serves the museum as our photo achivist.

Descended from Italian immigrants who settled in Ouray in the early 1900's, Gail Zanett Saunders is a long time student and researcher of Colorado history. She has been associated with OCHS for over 15 years as a volunteer, Board member, and staff assistant. Gail's favorite project has been working on the "Vignettes of History" fund raising projects.

Gail received a BA in history from Colorado State University with an emphasis in Colorado history in undergraduate and graduate course work. She received her teaching certificate from Western State College in Gunnison. Gail has taught Colorado History and Adult Literacy. She is a semi retired small businesswoman and a former member of Altrusa International and the Montrose Chamber of Commerce.

Gail is a member of Women Writing the West and is a new member of Chipeta Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society. She serves on the Zanett Foundation. She is a disability advocate.

Gail lives near Colona with her husband Joe where she reads and writes. She lives 25 miles from the place where she was born, the Miner's Hospital now the home of the Ouray County Museum.


Ted was raised in Holland. In 1963, Ted received his degree in Mining and Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Delft in the Netherlands. In 1997 Ted retired from his position as a mining and metallurgical engineer and moved to Ouray. Ted has been the secretary of the OCHS Board Of Directors since 2000. Ted also is a member of the Ouray Trail Group.